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Biosun Flavors and Food Ingredients is a division of Biosun Biochemicals, Inc.

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Custom Blending



Biosun Flavors and Food Ingredients is an established food ingredient distributor that offers both local and nationwide distribution services by experienced food industry professionals. Some of the largest ingredient manufacturers in the world, such as Givaudan Flavors, AB Enzymes, and Colores Naturales, trust us with their products, so our customers know they can count on us for superior quality and service.

Biosun is a third-party audited, insured and superior-rated food handling facility with an on-site laboratory. We maintain a strict operations code adhering to established practices and guidelines to protect products from adulteration. Upon receiving our customer's inventory in our distribution facility, our team immediately inspects the shipment for accuracy and quality before storage. Our quality control team assures that the product leaving our facility is in compliance with established specifications and delivered under sanitary conditions to prevent product from becoming contaminated.

Our services are always customized to our customers’ warehousing and transportation requirements, and our rates are reasonable and negotiable. We will take receipt of our customers’ products, warehouse and bill the end-user while absorbing all liabilities of ownership.


Custom Blending

Biosun’s expanding capabilities have furthered our mission from not only being a flavors distributor but now also one with blending and manufacturing capabilities. With selections available from key suppliers from around the world, Biosun uses top quality raw materials to create our in-house formulas.


We are now a respected supplier of enzymes for juice processing, meat tenderizing, cheese modification, as well as a supplier of enzymes for proteolytic hydrolysis, specialized distillery applications and other industrial processes needing enzyme hydrolysis.

We also maintain key, global processing partners to bring our own line of Natural and Artificial Colors and other specialized ingredients to the food industry in the U.S. and select offshore locations.


We believe our ability to customize blends and packaging to meet our customer’s specialized needs makes us an exceptional supplying partner in the food industry.



At Biosun FFI, our technical support staff works to develop products that meet our customer's needs.

Our interest in your success leads us to generate solutions that work effectively in your specific application, whether it be a new beverage or spice blend your company is producing or maybe a pharmaceutical syrup that needs re-formulation. We invest time and resources researching and assisting you in developing products with qualities tailored just for your application.

​Being partnered with the world's largest flavor house along with other key suppliers in the food industry, no project is too big or too small for us to help you develop. Biosun FFI is able to provide a personalized customer service that larger companies may neglect with their smaller clients.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you!