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Join our team


Do you want to join an insane commando unit that escaped from a military prison for a crime they may or may not have committed? No? Good. Instead join our team of dedicated food industry experts.

How to apply

Please apply through our career portal or submit your resume and cover letter letting us know your motivation for joining the Biosun Team as a PDF file to:

We will confirm receipt of your documents, review your application, and get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.


Why Biosun?

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Biosun's foundation is based on two beliefs: (1) people matter and (2) we can use our experiences to help one another. At Biosun our people consist of both our employees and our customers. Our people are important. We set our people up for success so we can foster new ideas, and achieve our goals.

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Explore new ideas. Be curious, take risks, learn, grow. We pride ourselves in having a culture where new ideas are heard and valued. Through innovation we create new solutions and uncover  opportunities.

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At Biosun you will be part of a well-established group of individuals who work together to create the unstoppable momentum that drives our progress and achievements.  Our continued success at Biosun is driven by mutual respect, open collaboration, flexibility towards life’s inevitable demands and commitment to one another in reaching our goals and the goals of our customers and partners.

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