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Our Story

Image by Kody Cheyne
Biosun Biochemicals, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Mark Messersmith. Mark's mission was to offer a diversified line of products with a heightened level of customer service that provided technical, physical and supply-chain solutions. His success lead him to 25 years as sole proprietor of Biosun FFI and in Mark's retirement, Biosun FFI has been acquired by BRAIN Biotech AG.

BRAIN, based out of Zwingenberg, Germany, specializes in industrial biotechnology. With their innovative bio-based products and solutions, they contribute to value creation – from concept to production and beyond. They rely on biotechnology as a tool for a bioeconomy and for creating a bio-based future. 


BRAIN is the head of The BRAIN Group and provides first-class research and development work, specialized production expertise and access to attractive markets. All companies, including AnalytiCon, Biocatalysts, WeissBioTech, L.A. Schmitt, SolasCure and Biosun FFI, act as self-sufficient entities yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production in the fields of biotechnology and natural product chemistry. Spin-offs for specific products from advanced R&D programs serve the purpose of marketing and commercialization, involving external expertise and capital providers.

Biosun’s facility is located in Tampa, Florida, near excellent seaport and airport accesses, and houses our main office, air-conditioned warehouse, extensive refrigerated storage, liquid blending facilities, analytical laboratories and our dedicated staff of food technologists, warehouse personnel and food industry managers waiting to serve our valued customers.

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