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Biosun Flavors & Food Ingredients offers an outstanding collection of enzymes that provide customers unique, highly functional and cost-effective formulations to meet their specialized needs. We work closely with our clients to address specific application questions in order to determine if enzymes could improve efficiency or provide a unique solution to their operation.

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The technical staff at Biosun FFI has over 30 years of experience in the enzyme industry. Biosun FFI is a market leader in enzymes for the Florida citrus industry and North Central cranberry industry.   In addition, we offer a full range of enzymes for fruit and vegetable processing, meat tenderizing, cheese modification, baking and industrial hydrolysis applications.

By activity:

  • Amylases

  • Amyloglucosidases

  • Cellulases

  • Dextranases

  • Hemicellulases

  • Lipases

  • Pectinases

  • Proteases


By industry:
  • Animal Feed

  • Baking

  • Brewing

  • Citrus Pulp Washing

  • Dairy

  • Distilling

  • Ethanol Production

  • Fruit Juice Processing

  • Meat Tenderizing

  • Protein Modification

  • Winemaking

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