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Biosun Flavors and Food Ingredients is an established food ingredient distributor that offers both local and nationwide distribution services by experienced food industry professionals. Some of the largest ingredient manufacturers in the world trust us with their products, so our customers know they can count on us for superior quality and service.

Contact us to discover how our distribution solutions can fit your needs!

Biosun is a third-party audited, insured and superior-rated food handling facility with an on-site laboratory. We maintain a strict operations code adhering to established practices and guidelines to protect products from adulteration. Upon receiving our customer's inventory in our distribution facility, our team immediately inspects the shipment for accuracy and quality before storage. Our quality control team assures that the product leaving our facility is in compliance with established specifications and delivered under sanitary conditions to prevent product from becoming contaminated.

Our services are always customized to our customers’ warehousing and transportation requirements, and our rates are reasonable and negotiable. We will take receipt of our customers’ products, warehouse and bill the end-user while absorbing all liabilities of ownership.

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