Giving Back

Biosun is actively engaged in helping the local Tampa Bay community and in funding nationwide charities. Our employees are very involved in volunteering efforts throughout Tampa Bay, which Biosun encourages by allowing them to help choose the charitable organizations we support.

Benji - Pet Therapy Pup

Cary Gould, Biosun's Supply Chain and Customer Service Manager, volunteers at local hospitals with his wife Jill and their pet therapy dog Benji. Cary and Jill rescued Benji from a local animal rescue group after he was thrown from a car window and abandoned. After some rehabilitation, Benji earned his pet therapy certification and now enjoys helping pediatric cancer and hospice patients.

Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay

Biosun's Regulatory Manager, Jennifer Morgan, co-founded Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay, a local organization dedicated to increasing the live outcome rate of cats and kittens brought into the Hillsborough County animal shelter. Over 1,000 cats per month are brought into the shelter, and for years, only 20% of those could expect to make it out alive. Thanks to Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay, started in February 2013, an additional 200 cats and kittens per month are being adopted or rescued, which translates to thousands more making it out alive each year. 


  • H. Lee Moffitt Center

  • Biosun Scholarship Award - Florida Section IFT -

  • IFT Florida Section

  • International Citrus & Beverage Conference

  • Big Cat Rescue Organization

  • Metropolitan Ministries

  • Hospital Pet Therapy


  • Desire Street Missions

  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Aid

  • American Cancer Society

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital