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About the Founder

Mark Messersmith

The first part of Mark's career focused on fermentology, working as a food technologist in the pickle, distilling, brewing and wine industries while also being an educator associated with the first fuel alcohol movement.


After accepting a technical services position in 1981 with a global, private food ingredient company based in Ireland, he gained expertise in enzymes, natural colors, finings, and hydrocolloids. During this time Mark traveled extensively working either with product or market development in North America and to assist his colleagues around the world. He gained experience in the beverage, baking, animal feed, meat and dairy industries. Along his journey, Mark also completed Executive MBA coursework.

Mark Messersmith


Inspired by his father's love of cooking, Mark worked in the restaurant and grocery business since the age of 13. The lure of his roots in the food industry inspired him to pursue a degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition.

Mark's extensive career has led him to be an walking encyclopedia of product and industry knowledge.  His contributions to the industry have garnered him numerous awards and recognition for his service. After over two decades of working or representing major corporations, Mark decided to use expansive knowledge and experience to form Biosun Biochemicals in 1996.

Mark and his wife, Linda, are longtime Tampa residents that are actively involved in the community.  Mark enjoys a good conversation, traveling, tennis, golf, and boating. He is involved with the Florida Section IFT and has served as the Chair of Florida Officers.

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